About us

SPEM is a team of experts who have been pushing communications boundaries since 1986.


Business challenges are transformed into opportunities, trends into results, objectives into successes.


We first appeared as a working group in 1986 as a Studio for Political Marketing (SPM), two years later we transformed into the Studio for Political and Economic Marketing (SPEM).


Join us and we will write stories toghether.

Strategic counselling

Since 1986, counselling has been provided to more than 1200 customers.


Since 1999, our London School of Public Relations programme has been successfully completed by more than 500 graduates.

Project implementation

More than 3000 communications projects have been successfully planned and implemented.


monthly subscriptionsGo to the dues Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe Seattle Seahawks player is known for embracing his fans by meeting and interacting with them in person and through social media 第一坊视频平台, But a recent flurry of hateful tweets have caused Ryan to kick his Twitter and Instagram profile to the curb.Like many stars and athletes, Ryan tweeted his condolences bash Orlando shooting,I put a simple tweet basically wanting people to spread love and bring to mind those in Orlando but some people didn't like that, Said Ryan on CBC's The several hours Edition.Ryan says he was disheartened to see people justifying the attack of a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. That left 50 dead and 53 others injured,The people that were murdered that day happened to be gay and people thought it was OK and thought very awful things, he was quoted saying,It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen on my Twitter and my Instagram and at one point I told the guy what I regarded him and I just decided I wasn't going to let my page breed hate,Regina's Jon Ryan responded to hateful tweets before deleting his account.The football player says he misses being able to connect to fans through social media but doesn't regret pressing delete 恋夜秀场资讯,I like being away from it. It was like I went through a bad breakup and now I'm free, had to talk about Ryan.He says he's finding a new platform for his voice via the Seattle Seahawks podcast that will hit the airwaves later this fall 恋夜秀场.The Fourth annual Jon Ryan Charity Golf Classic tournament situation will take place this Thursday at the the Royal Regina Golf Club.Seattle Seahawks' Jon Ryan in Regina for charity eventsRegina Minor baseball grows after $75k from Jon Ryan's Gear Up"I'm a very bad golfer but I love being out there and love to see people or being able to talk to everyone 恋夜秀场主播视频, had said Ryan.